Lacquer lined drums are excellent for chemical resistant products. These are mainly used for filling of corrosive and hazardous chemicals, specially chemicals, food products that may be incompatible with steel.


  • Food grade and non food grade coatings.
  • Opaque and Transparent epoxy coatings.
  • Tested for chemical resistivity, Impact load and bend test.
  • Different range of dry film thickness.
  • Uniform DFT (Dry Film Thickness) throughout the drum with automated application of epoxy

Different types of Lacquer available

Opaque Lacquer

Opaque lacquer are pigmented epoxy phenolic lacquers have excellent chemical resistance smooth opaque and good finish. Inside steel surface is not visible. These are available in different colours like Grey, Red and Buff.

Food Grade Lacquer

Food grade lacquer is composed of materials listed in Food and Drug regulations 21 CFR 175.300 and therefore complies with all compositional requirements of this regulation. These lacquers having no active molecules after baking and are used for food industries, Parma, fragrances and specially chemicals.

Non Food Grade Lacquer

Non food grade lacquer is used in lube industries, Oil and petrochemicals (transformer oil) etc.

Transparent Lacquer

Transparent epoxy phenolic lacquers having excellent chemical resistance and is available in golden lacquer.