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Food Grade Steel Barrel Drum: A Safety Assurance

Steel barrels have emerged as a leading choice for industrial storage due to their numerous benefits. With unparalleled strength, durability, and a proven safety record, steel drums provide versatility for shipping hazardous materials, premium industrial goods, and food and beverages. They are also highly sustainable as steel is the most recycled material on the planet. Many industries rely on steel barrel drums to transport their goods safely across various modes of transportation.

But how safe are food and beverages when stored in steel barrel drums? This blog will explore how PDPL’s food grade barrel drums are specifically designed to ensure the safety of end users who consume these products.

Ensuring Safety Through Lacquer Lining Drums

PDPL’s Lacquer lining drums are widely used for storing chemical-resistant and food products that are incompatible with steel. These drums have an outer shell made of strong metal and an inner surface lined with a protective layer of enamel. This lining prevents any direct contact between the food or beverage and the metal, thus making them ideal for long-term storage of perishable items. The airtight seal ensures optimal freshness, while the stainless steel interior guarantees top-notch hygiene.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Food Grade Steel Drums

When opting for food grade steel drums, it is crucial to consider certain factors:

  1. Proper Disinfection: Steel drums used in petrochemical industries must be thoroughly disinfected and reconditioned before being utilized for storing food and beverages. This eliminates potential contaminants from prior use.

  2. Certification: Look for UN’s Food Grade standard certification when choosing these drums to ensure they meet stringent safety standards regarding chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

  3. Cleaning Maintenance: Improper cleaning can lead to contamination, posing serious health risks. Regular cleaning and decontamination after each use are essential.

  4. Drum Liners: Consider using drum liners for an additional layer of protection, keeping food and beverages separated from direct contact with the steel.

Other Benefits of Food Grade Steel Drums

Aside from their safety features, food grade steel drums offer several other advantages. They protect against physical damage, dust, moisture, harmful UV rays, and pests when properly sealed. Maintenance is quick and easy, with a well-maintained drum lasting for decades. By reusing these drums after proper cleaning and decontamination, they become eco-friendly options that help save on additional costs.

Embracing Innovation and Sustainability

As the food packaging industry continues to evolve driven by consumer preferences and technological advancements, companies must embrace innovation and sustainability. Techniques like intelligent packaging can reduce product wastage and extend the shelf life of food items while enhancing convenience and safety for consumers. PDPL recognizes this importance and remains ahead of the competition by constantly innovating its products and services to meet customer demands.

Contact us today and let us help you take your business to the next level!

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