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Ways to prevent over pressurization of steel drums

Drums may appear innocuous, but they can potentially be hazardous due to over pressurization. Caused by various chemical, biological and physical reactions, it can lead to a loud explosion if ignited - endangering lives and property. Thankfully, with the right awareness, knowledge and safety precautions, these accidents can be mitigated. From understanding the risks of oxidation and hydrogen formation to preventing radiolysis reactions and being mindful of temperature and pressure changes; we have the power to safeguard against potential disasters.

Mitigating pressurized Drums

Uncontrolled Penetration: piercing overpressurized drums using a bow and arrow or bullet is no longer favored. Moving the potentially unstable drum to a safe area isn't safe, and uncontrolled breaching can lead to an explosive failure of the drum, its parts flying over large distances, and the contents spilling onto the ground. This requires complex and expensive clean-up work. It’s safer and more effective to use controlled breaching methods.

Drum web: This simple device is affixed to the top of a drum and cinched in place, preventing dangerous lid ejections from causing injury. Plus, with manual or remote operation, workers can stay away from the lid during release, and contents won't contaminate the environment. Even better - no need to move drums around to install the webbing.

Over pressurized drums: Whether your drum is closed or open-top, this method allows you to gradually release pressure while avoiding hazardous bursts. To start, loosen the bung or place a puncturing platform on top of the drum and use a non-sparking punching device to create a safe opening. You can rest easy knowing that controlled penetration will help you prevent any unexpected or dangerous situation.

Preventing drum over pressurization

  1. It's important to know exactly what's inside, because some materials may undergo chemical reactions which lead to pressurization -- and that can be dangerous! Take the time to check out the labels and note any hazardous materials: paint cans, oils, fuels, etc. Make sure no two items are mixed. If there's something you don't recognize, do your research to figure out its properties and determine if it requires special handling or storage. always keep an eye on the drums and inspect them regularly for signs of corrosion or leaks.

  2. Steel barrel drums containing liquids and gases are temperature sensitive. To prevent gas expansion due to possible radiant heating, it's important to find a controlled temperature environment to store them in and keep them out of direct sunlight. Ensure optimal temperature control, and consider storing them in a climate-controlled space.

  3. It is highly recommended to install pressure relief devices when dealing with pressurization, as they help regulate air flow and reduce the risk of damage. With ratings as low as 1 or 2 psig, you can ensure the safety of your equipment and personnel - as well as meet industry standards. Make sure that the steel drum or other container is configured to accept a device. Once it's properly installed, you can rest easy knowing that your workplace is safe and secure.

  4. A pressure relief device provides a safe way to regulate the internal pressure of a steel drum. This prevents over-pressurization, Selecting the correct pressure relief device for your steel drums is essential, especially when considering any repeated venting that may occur.

Recognizing when a drum is pressurized and knowing how to mitigate the risk associated with it is absolutely essential. Not only will doing so protect employees and the environment from potential contamination, but it can also help maintain a safe workplace for everyone. With the right knowledge and care, pressurized drums can be safely handled - ensuring that both your business and the well-being of its workers are protected.

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