Why Choose Us

Why choose us

Each and every day, we are looking for new ways to leave a positive environmental footprint, whether through our own day-to-day business operations of through our products and manufacturing process. Our product is 100% steel and contributes to closed-loop recycling!

According to the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India is one of the biggest plastic polluters in the world. At least 40% plastic consumption of Indian population ends up either in landfills or water bodies. Thus, given the current statistics of plastic pollution, we have to wake up now and take sustainable actions before it’s too late.

Steel is durable and reliable, and when strength is a factor in product storage or transport, these is simply no better material. It performs well in both hot and cold temperatures and is resistant to fire. This makes it an ideal material for drums containing flammable or combustible materials. Steel barrels are also economical and environmentally friendly.

Steel drums are widely used to store and transport hazardous materials. They provide a high level of protection even under extreme circumstances, so they are the product of choice when dangerous goods are involved. While their weight makes them more expensive to ship than plastic drums. They are easier to reuse, giving you more for your money. Since they are so durable and resistant to damage, insurers also tend to charge less to insure shipments that are packed in steel drums.